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Thanks to the newly created “The Debarge Network” social networking site, I came to know that there was finally a Switch video, on that treasure-trove of music we all love called “YouTube.” I have updated my Bobby DeBarge Tribute Page accordingly so that you all can see him in a live performance. Just click on the link in the right side bar under Pages and enjoy.

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Update Feb 15, 2008

Well like all good things on YouTube – the plug was pulled and the video no longer exists.Hopefully you got a chance to see it, since “Switch performances are so few and far between.I will try to replace the loss by adding more music to the page sometime in the near future

One Love,


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  1. thanks. i’ve been looking debarge and switch videos forever. sorry u had to yank it! would love to see it though.

  2. I too have been looking so long for Switch videos. If only Don Cornelius would just give it up and release the Soul Train Series from the “Good Old Days” on DVD we would be all set!

    Mr. Don Kirsher gave all of the tape from his TV series, “The Don Kirshner Rock Concert”, to the “Historic Films” Archives. I wrote their librarian for permission to use the two Switch clips listed in their archives, but I guess no answer meant NO. Their site says the clips are not for personal use so I guess unless they decide to release the series on DVD the tapes will just stay locked up in a vault. collecting dust.

    It is so sad that these things are not made available to the public.

  3. Thank you for your site, I am shocked to hear about the passing of Bobby DeBarge, funny I just found this link and started searching for old school music and the what ever happened to those great groups I loved their music and am a Dye Heart Soul Train Alumni I too think that they should have DVDs on all the shows from start to end what great music….Switch, Dennis Edwards, Lilo Thomas, Kashif and so many more may god bless the DeBarge Family
    Peace & Everylasting love

  4. Hi Cecilia,

    Welcome to OSML and I thank you so much for the compliment and the visit.

    You are so right about the need to give we fans videos of all of those performances by the classic artists. I just can’t understand what benefit the owners of such footage find in keeping it locked up in a vault until it self-destructs when we could be enjoying our rich musical history on a daily basis and the younger generation could be seeing what “real” musicianship is?!!.

    I hope you continue to check in to visit and express yourself.


    BTW you have a beautiful name.

  5. Check “YouTube” again because “There’ll Never Be” video from Don Kirshner is back on! I can’t get enough of them.

  6. I love el

    • Then don’t hesitate to send him some words of encouragement.
      You may write to Eldra at this address:

      Eldra Patrick DeBarge, G40091
      CSP-LAC Facility B, Housing Unit B2, Bed #106U
      PO Box 4490
      Lancaster, CA 93539-4490

      Happy New Year to you and yours.
      Well I have to recind the comment about writing to El because I just received the following email indicating that El would like to respectfully request that the letters stop for a while.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.
      SonDan 12/30/2008


      Hello Everyone,

      My prayer is this message finds you well, with an understanding, open heart and mind.

      Due to El’s current circumstances and condition, it has been communicated to me that El would like for correspondence (letters, cards and visitation) with him to pause for a time.

      In the process of his being transferred and moved, he is not able to communicate with anyone for about the next two months. As well, he would like to take this time to refocus and adjust to his environment.

      Although I must reitterate he does appreciate the support from all of the fans.

      I understand this message may come as a disappointment in some way, but please let us be sensitive to the circumstances. I know our intentions are genuine. However, this is a pretty tough time and not the most pleasant of circumstances for anyone to be under or to adjust to.

      In lieu of writing letters, please let us continue to keep him lifted in prayer, and focus our efforts and support for El in our online communities/groups. There may come a time where he will be ready to receive our correspondences and we can show our support to him again.

      As always the group is open, should anyone wish to express yourselves as you see fit.

      Kindest Regards and Respectfully,

      Lois (Group Co-Owner and Moderator)

      P.S. For those who may members or visitors of other sites, please feel free to pass this message on. – ll_e

  7. I love and admire the debarge family as a whole. They are so talented. I was so sorry to hear about all the sad things that happened to them and I’ll be praying for them.

  8. I am a long time fan of El DeBarge and I was so heartbroken to hear of his latest troubles. He is a soldier and will rise from this. Please keep us posted as to when we can send him leteers to encouage him. Thanks for having this forum for us fans!

  9. i love the debarge familly switch,debarge my deepest prayer go out to the debarge familly i love them and always will schlonda farley-mosley

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