Feliz Navidad as performed live by Jose Feliciano

“Feliz Navidad” was written in 1970 by the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter José Feliciano. With its simple Spanish language chorus (the traditional Christmas/New Year greeting, “Feliz navidad, prospero año y felicidad” or “prosperous year and happiness”) and equally simple English verse (“I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart”), it has become a classic Christmas pop song in the USA and throughout the Spanish-speaking world. In the song’s original recording, Feliciano plays a Puerto Rican cuatro in the background.

But I posted this live version because I love to hear Jose play his guitar and sing. He has got to be one of the most underrated guitarist on the planet.

Everybody and their brother has covered the song, but IMHO, no one sings it better that it’s composer – Jose. The song has been recognized by ASCAP as one of the top 25 most played and recorded Christmas songs around the world. Source of italicized info:Wiki

Enjoy the music.


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  1. I was Blessed to hear this version from Jose Feliciano.
    A lot of people don’t know that he was born in Puerto Rico, but raised in Spanish Harlem and that he was born blind at birth. I didn’t realize how much talent he had. Jose played the accordion and the guitar and he can sing. That’s a God given set of talents and he did something good with them. He played music since the age of three and it’s reported he started on a tin can!

    I won’t go on and on…but I am thankful for your work to put people in remembrance of these talented people gifted by God to do extraordinary things! I guess Jose must be 60 years young by now! And what? His music still lives on in our hearts! Thanks for such a great site and such accurate information and presentation. All the best!

  2. Oh my, you were so lucky to have heard Jose Feliciano perform live! The last time I even saw him perform was ages ago, on the “Motown 25″ TV Special”, when he sang “Lonely Tear Drops”. I guess, once again, Berry Gordy’s priorities were to the detriment of what could have been another stellar Motown career: I only recall one Motown album Jose recorded, that I own and cherish and it was spectacular! Jose has a voice of an angel IMHO. And his guitar playing is the best! Betcha he really tears that accordion up too (LOL).

    I thank you for the compliments and good wishes. And I thank you for stopping by. Music is such a special gift that needs to be shared and I am having fun doing this.

    Stay Blessed.

  3. Hi Sondan, you are so right. I thank God that there is a site like this, We’ve been Blessed to be parts of generations who are experiencing quality music from once in a life time talents in many cases. I’m glad to be a witness. I think what happened in all actuality with Jose Feliciano is this: Motown signed him to be the first part of what they called: Latin Motown which I read was to be a new Division. Fact of the matter is that it never got off the ground. It seems like it was just before Motown was sold and perhaps the new owners with the best intentions didn’t have the same vision. I guess there might be a million reasons for that, but I always try to look at the bright side of things. So, I say prayers for Jose Feliciano and any other artists that were affected by the change in strategies.

    You’ve got a great site and your fresh reviews; give it an edge. It’s one of the few sites I’d even consider visiting outside of my genre. All the best. E

  4. Thanks for schooling me on the “Motown Latin”. So it sounds as it, once again, Motown was a bit ahead of it’s time in that the “Latin Music Explosion” did indeed come to fruition years later! I wonder how many other talents got lost it that transition/sale?

    Thanks again for sharing and please keep visiting. I want to learn all I can about my favorite artists and I sincerely invite the wealth of knowledge my readers have to share.

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