Salute to John Lennon by Martin Lewis


On Dec 8, 1980, 40 year old artist John Lennon was entering his home in Manhattan when he was is shot and killed by an obsessed fan in New York City. Surprisingly I saw no tributes on TV honoring the talented life and memory of this fantastic musician yesterday.

Pretty appalling since every year on Elvis’ Birthday and the anniversary of Elvis’ death we are inundated with Elvis songs and movies and concerts on TV. But he never even wrote a song and John Lennon wrote much of the music of my youth.

I did come across this older tribute article and point you to it now.

Salute to John Lennon by Martin Lewis
Posted December 8, 2007 | 10:40 AM (EST) on “Huffington Post”.

Paul McCartney’s instantly-notorious first public comment on John Lennon’s murder in December 1980 – “it’s a drag” – was at the time held up as an example of gross insensitivity by an estranged friend. In reality it was the understatement of devastation. There’s a telling line in Sidney Lumet’s 1983 film “Daniel” – a fictionalized account of the struggles of the two children of executed “spies” Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. “Why don’t you console her?” asks someone about the suicidally-distraught daughter at one point. The answer is chilling in its intensity. “Did it ever occur to you that she might be inconsolable?”

The world has had to come to terms with the senseless murder of John Lennon nearly three decades ago. But for the millions around the world who were deeply enthralled and touched by Lennon’s gifts – the ache remains. Article continues & completes here.

Thanks for the music John; your talents are sorely missed in the music world.
Thanks to you for reading, watching and listening.


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