South Street as performed by The Orlons (1963)

I really, really ♥ this song. I was only aged 8 when it hit, but let me tell you I thought I was a celebrity when it came out! You see my dad, unbeknown to me, had just taken his third (yes I said third) wife. When this was revealed to me, I went to see my dad in his new home environment with his new wife and my new step-sister — on SOUTH STREET!

This song just happened to be one of the first I ever heard on that room size console record player Daddy had just purchased. So of course I thought the song was about my Dad and his new home and that my Dad was a hippie as were all the people who came to visit him. Now I didn’t know what a hippie was, but I just knew it must be something really cool and swinging. So you see, I thought I was the child of a celebrity which made me one too. How’s that for kid logic?

Also related to this song, on one of my many solo trips to the “5 and 10 cent store” to browse and find a way to spend all of my allowance, I came across a 33rpm with songs by Dee Dee Sharp and the Orlons (including “South Street” of course) and purchased it as my very FIRST long playing record. Now I already had the red vinyl “Alvin & the Chipmunks Christmas” LP, but this was my first “grown-up” LP that I bought with my own money.

It is so amazing the memories that music conjures. You can hear a song that you haven’t heard in ages, and it will bring to mind what you were doing when you heard it for the first time. I thank God for the gift of music.

And I truly thank YOU for stopping by.

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