“Foolish Little Girl” Performed by the Shirelles (1963)

The Shirelles - Dec 02, 1963


Well I just had to do another Shirelles’ cut. This one charted #4 US and #38 UK.

This was also another of the songs that my much younger step sister would sing to guests, when my Dad and step-mother trotted her out of bed in her Pjs, to do her singing act at Pinochle partys! My job was to grin and bear it.

Isn’t it amazing what memories music conjures?! But I really do like this song. Please enjoy.

Foolish Little Girl
Composed by Helen Miller & Howard Greenfield

Spoken: “You broke his heart and made him cry,
And he’s been blue since then”. “Now he’s
Found somebody new and you want him back again”.

Foolish little girl, fickle little girl
You didn’t want him when he wanted you
He’s found another love, it’s her he’s dreaming of
And there’s not a single thing that you can do”

“But I love him”
“No you don’t it’s just your pride that’s hurt”
“I still love him”
If you got him back again, you’d go right out and do him dirt

repeat chorus

“But I love him”
“It’s too late to have a change of heart”
“I still love him”
Tomorrow is his wedding day and you’ll keep quiet if you’re smart!

Instrumental – repeat chorus

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