Pushover as performed by Etta James (1963)

Young Etta James

Now I love Jamesetta Hawkins and the blues that she sings: her wonderful growl has gotten deeper and better over the years. But this tune must have been an attempt to pull Etta away from the Blues genre and into the Motown/R&B/Pop mold of the era.

The song was written by Chess’ Billy Davis and Tony Clarke . Since they were both from Detroit, I wonder of they were writing the song to emulate the new sound coming out of Detroit called Motown on purpose?

Well whatever, Pushover is such a great tune. It charted #7 R&B and #25 Pop. This was Etta’s first crossover (Pop) hit. Now don’t get me wrong — I love this song and Etta can sing anything! I’m just saying that it turned out that the Blues was Etta’s forte.

I can remember my little elementary age step-sister singing this song using the proverbial hair brush for her microphone to my Dad’s delight when company came over. Not only do these old songs sound great today, but they always bring back memories of good times. I guess that’s why I love them so much. Please listen, sing-a-long, and enjoy.

Etta James – Pushover.mp3

Pushover Lyrics

So you told all the boys that you were gonna take me out
Ya even ya even had the nerve to make a bet a yes you did
That I, I would give in all of my love you would win
But you haven’t, you haven’t won it yet
You took me for a pushover
Oh you thought I was a push over
Wo I’m not a push over

You thought my love was easy to get

All of the girls think you’re fine
They even call ya Romeo
Ya got ’em, yeah you got ’em runnin’ to and fro
Yes ya have
But I don’t want a one night thrill
I want a love that’s for real
And I can tell by your line, your’s is not the lasting kind

You took me for a push over
Oh you thought I was a push over
Whoa I’m not a push over
You thought that you could change my mind
your temptin’ lips (m m hm) your way hair (oh yeah)
your pretty eyes with that (ahhhhhhh) come hither stare
It makes me weak and I, I start to bend
and then I stop and think again
no (no), no (no), no don’t let yourself go

I hate to spoil your reputation
I want true love not an imitation
And I’m hip to every word in your conversation

Who took me for a — push over
Whoa I’m not a — push over
Whoa you thought I was a — push over
Whoa you can’t (push me over)
Nobody is gonna (push me over)
Oh you’re not man enough to (push me over)
(fade) Everybody thought you was gonna (push me over

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  2. Bravo to the sultry Etta James and the song writters! After searching for this old favorite of mine, it was refreshing to find that others remember and cheerish the words to this song. I had forgotten the name of the artist, but was reminded when I discovered it on your site. The memory that I have stems back to age 13, when I fell in love with the guy who gave me my first kiss and I thought I was going to get pregnant from it. He had tempting lips, wavy hair, and pretty eyes – everything that lured me into his trap. Thank goodness my mom had scared me into beleiving that a kiss could get you pregnant, because when I had the time to stop and think again, he could’t take me for a pushover. Now that I am 59, I still love that song!

    • L.A. – I really appreciate you sharing that wonderful memory. Just goes to prove two things (1) music has the magical power to transport us to those special times in life that we might otherwise forget and (2) I wasn’t the only young girl in America that thought a kiss would get me “in the family way” ROTFL!

      Keeping the music and memories alive,


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