Remembering Robert Louis DeBarge, Jr.

Robert “Bobby” Louis DeBarge, Jr.

Career Tribute Page

I have been reading up on blogging and learning as I go along how to do this, so please be patient with me. I just learned today that even though blog Posts are referenced in the Google search engine automatically – the Pages are not!

So I just wanted to write a Post indicating that last week I uploaded my Career Tribute Page to Bobby DeBarge . It is in the Pages on the right hand sidebar. This page is a revision of the Tribute that I researched and posted on my very first venture onto the internet back in 2005.

Please give it a read and listen to Bobby’s beautiful tenor singing “My Friend in the Sky” with the group Switch.

Thanks for reading and remembering Bobby.


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  1. Since I was young I was a fan of Debarge and I feel that the group was a great inspiration to me and millions of other paople at that time and still there are. I believe that their music was very original and I hope at they r able to over come the hard times and get back on the path that god wanted them to accomplish as Christians God always allows his children to suffer in order to organize them maybe that was the case here but God bless the Debarge family I don’t care what haters say about them

  2. Kirkland,

    I agree with you 200%. I too keep the family in prayer so that that their God-given musical talent can be expressed and shared with the world.

    I really appreciate that you took the time to comment.

    Please stop by again real soon.


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