A Dramatic Experience – The Dramatics (1973)

The Dramatics

About the Dramatics

“The Dramatics were a soul music vocal group, formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1962 with the name The Dynamics. They changed their name by 1967, when they garnered their first minor hit, “All Because of You.” However, the group did not break through until their 1971 single,”Whatcha See Is Watcha Get.” Their members at this time were Ron Banks, “Wee Gee” Howard, Elbert Wilkins, Willie Ford and Larry Demps. Shortly after the success of their first album, Howard and Wilkins left the group. They were replaced by L.J. Reynolds and Lenny Mayes. Through the 1970s, the group continued to have hits, including the #1 R&B hit, “In the Rain,” “Toast to the Fool”, “Me and Mrs. Jones”, “I’m Going By The Stars In Your Eyes” and “Be My Girl.”

The group continues to tour and presently consists of Banks, Reynolds, Ford, Winzell Kelly and Michael Brock, who replaced Mayes (died in 2004).

The Dramatics were also mentioned in the novel “The Algiers Motel Incident” by John Hersey (ISBN 0-8018-5777-5). They were staying at the Algiers Motel, following a performance at Detroit’s Fox Theatre, during an alleged murder by members of the Detroit Police Department, which was one of the incidents which sparked the Detroit Riots of 1967. ” (Source: Wiki)

The Dramatic Experience Album

This album was the second outing for the group and contained more of those smooth harmonies. In my opinion, the group harmonies are second only to the legendary HOF Temptations. In fact group founder, Ron Banks, has spoken highly of the greatest first tenor of all-time, Eddie Kendricks, as being his idol. Ron’s first tenor-falsetto is nothing to sneeze at either and I rank him right behind Cornbread.

Here are the songs on this album:

  1. The Devil is Dope
  2. You Could Become the Very Heart of Me
  3. Now You Got Me Loving You
  4. Fell For You
  5. Jim, what’s wrong with him?
  6. Hey You Get Off My Mountain -#43 POP #5 R&B
  7. Beautiful People
  8. Beware Of The Man (With the Candy in his Hand)

Tracks 1, 5 and 8 are about the evils of drugs, but the remaining cuts are beautiful ballads that feature the sensational harmonies of the group featuring Ron Bank’s high tenor floating across the top. Of course “Hey You Get Off My Mountain” is a classic from this album, but please give a listen to “Now You Got Me Loving You” for more beautiful music.

The Dramatics – Now You Got Me Loving You.mp3

Thanks for reading.

Note: I did not post the lp cover pic because frankly I just cant stand it. The cover is the only negative thing about the album. But if you insist on seeing it right now just click here.


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