The Sylvers (1972)

The first three R&B oriented Sylvers lps were my favorites. Since I was singing “I’ll Never be Ashamed” around the house for the last two days (yes a sing a lot to myself) I decided that this lp would be the next one I should blog about.

I started to look around for a performance clip to post here. I knew that I would find plenty of for the pop hits such as: Hotline, Boogie Fever, High School Dance, but feared I would find nothing on the better (IMHO) R&B cuts from the first three lps. But to my surprise I found that a young You Tube user, heyroz27*, had compiled and just recently posted homemade music videos from those three lps that I so loved. And with her permission I get to share with you clips from some of those great songs from the Sylvers first lp.

This is the entire track listing:

Side One: Wish That I Could Talk to You Baby, Fool’s Paradise,Only Only Can Win, I’m Truly Happy, Tough Me Jesus.

Side Two: I Know Myself, Chaos, So Close, I’ll Never Be Ashamed, How Love Hurts.

This album was produced by Jerry Butler (yes THAT Jerry Butler) and Keg Johnson. Everyone song a gem.

I really wish that these three lps would be released on cd. I converted my vinyl to cdrs to play in the car during my travels, but it is just not the same as listening to a pristine CD with the 25 year old music being remastered.

I refer you to the Wikipedia article for more details on the career of the Sylvers. Just click Source link below.

In Memoriam

The Sylvers’ youngest sibling, Christopher (b. August 10, 1966), was just 18 when he died on June 18, 1985. He was never part of the performing family.

Lead singer Edmund — who played Marlon Jackson’s voice on the 1971-1973 ABC-TV Saturday morning cartoon series The Jackson 5ive — died of lung cancer in Richmond, Virginia on March 11, 2004 at age 47.


Thanks for reading.

* heyroz27 is 22 yrs old according to her profile: this just goes to show you that old school is classic music with a universal appeal.

Added to post re: comment dated 7/7/08 on “The Sylvers” production credits.

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  1. I truly loved this group!!!. I had a crazy crush on Charmaine that still exists to this day!!!

  2. I’m with you Booker T.! Of course I swooned a bit over Leon – I thought that when I grew up I would have a tall husband with a huge ‘fro that looked and sang like him and wrote beautiful music for only me! (LOL)


  4. please, tell def jam which they owe the right to some of them songs, mostly leon and ricky and edmund wrote their songs, made to produce the first album to put on cd-thats all i’m tell you and them. very good album from my youth.

  5. Cory & Nicole – I agree with you both in that it would be great if all of the original Sylvers vinyl releases were released on CD. I actually purchased a cheap turntable a few years back just to digitize my Sylvers music and burn it on CDRs to listen to in the car. But pristine remasterd CDs would be awesome!

    Wanna start a petition?

  6. i grew up in watts where the sylvers where born.i allways though this group was very harmoticly importaint for my genteration during the bad times.but this is a album i did not know exsist. now i hered all of there music. but this album is the shit. if you could but this on disk for me io will pay. email me at….boy its good to find real sylvers fans still out there…

    • Hi Eric,

      I checked into this thread to answer an email I received today and lo and behold saw your un-read post sitting in the in box. I don’t know how I over looked it but please, please accept my apologies and belated WELCOME!
      We Sylvers Fans have got to stick together(SMILE). I am going to email you as soon as I post this reply and again my sincere apologies and welcome to OSML.

      Hope your summer is going great.

  7. the producer is jerry peters and keg johnson

  8. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for dropping in.

    I checked the album credits on “The Sylvers” LP to verify my statement on it being a Jerry Butler Production and as you can see I then scanned the back of the LP and then excerpted the credits to show you that the producers are in fact Jerry Butler and Keg Johnson. Also listed is Executive Producer Michael Viner.

    I do see that Jerry Peters participated by arranging two songs as did David Crawford arrange five songs.
    You may click on the second of the two graphics I added to the post to make it easier to read the names in the credits.

    Was there some error in the 1972 LP credits that was later rectified that I am unaware of? If so I would appreciate being pointed to the source?

    Thanks again for visiting and hope to hear from you soon.


  9. thanks for showing the first sylvers album. i was a bit flabbergasted that they wrote their own songs-dont need pimp berry gordy to do that.i love so close because of the jazz content and very like natlalie cole’s this will be.the other is how love hurts, i dream of edmund crying for me in the snow in a bronx neighborhood. i reach down stairs and cover him with my heavy blanket to sooth him just right and i hold him really tight. that’s what love suppose to be. im a community service dir. and a musician. i record my own demos and my own label, interception records. thanks for saving the photo. i also love charmaine’s signing too- i also love patricia.

  10. Welcome to OSML Nichole and thanks for your input.

    The Sylvers were and are a super talented musical family that seem to get overshadowed by the Jacksons, both in the Seventies and now when remembering music of that era. But I love their music just as much, if not more thank the J5 — especially the first 3 LPs. Leon’s lyrics were always superb as were his haunting melodies and arrangements with liberal use of minor keys.

    Hope to see more of you here Nichole and thanks again for dropping by to visit with me.

  11. This is one of my all time favorite lps, when I was 11 yrs old the baddest slow jam at the old Hollywood Skating Rink was “Wished That I Could Talk To You”. I always had to couple skate with my cousin cuz all the girls said I was too little, hahahahaha. I left my 45 copy on the bus one night and cried all the way home. Finally found a copy of this album sealed at Salty Dogs Record Shop in Modesto, CA in 1995 and I have been too scared to open for fear I may scratch it :).

    Thanks for posting that

    • It’s so good to hear that you lucked out and found a pristine copy of the LP. But please just play it once to rip it to digital so you can enjoy that great music gman.

      I ripped all of my Sylvers LPs to CDRs so that I could play them in the car during my daily commute. Their harmonies can always sooth me — even when I am in the worst traffic.

      Glad you found my blog and hope to hear more from you. All the best.

  12. hello-i just got done playing the sylvers youtube songs took be back to when i was just old enough to stay up late and listen to the radio-how can i physically write to a fan mail address of the sylvers of pat sylvers derusso? thanks? God Bless-bob

    • Hi Bob — Welcome to OSML,

      Obviously I am a big Sylvers fan too. I would suggest that you check out one of fan groups on Yahoo. The family members sometime check in there and you might be able to get an address. Just go to Yahoo Groups and do a search on “Sylvers.”
      I know Olympia’s daughter frequents one of those groups.
      Best of luck and thanks again for checking in.

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