Claudine – The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1974)


Released 1/1/1974, this superb collaboration between GK&tP and the legendary Curtis Mayfield (RIP) is one of the best blaxploitation movie soundtrack lps ever. Yeah, I know Isaac Hayes won the GRAMMY for “Shaft”, but this lp is just as good if not better.

The million-selling “On and On” was just one of the many hits that GK&tP had after leaving Soul/Motown. When GK&tP left Motown the hits just kept on coming whether recording for Buddah, Columbia/CBS or MCA.

In fact their first non-Motown outing, “Imagination”, contained the classics “Midnight Train to Georgia” and “I’ve Got to Use my Imagination”. Plus “Imagination” was ranked #2 (Behind the #1 O’Jay’s “Ship Ahoy lp) on the Billboard Top R&B Albums of 1974.

The Claudine soundtrack lp was released by Columbia Records on cd on June 8, 1999, but is no longer in print. When I looked around for it I found the lowest price for a used one $50.00 and the highest price $95.00.

I just don’t understand why the record companies don’t print Old School Classics. We “baby boomers” are the ones with disposable income to update our vinyl into cds. Plus keeping the music available will only serve to introduce a new generation to the best music around, thus increasing sales. I just don’t get it!

Anyway, this is the track list:
1. Mr. Welfare Man
2. To Be Invisible
3. On And On
4. The Makings Of You
5. Claudine Theme (Instrumental)
6. Hold On
7. Make Yours A Happy Home

Every song is a gem. So much so, that I had a hard time selecting just one to post for you to hear. I finally decided on “Make Yours a Happy Home”. There is no way any one can not listen to this cut and clap your hands, or tap your feet, or sing along or all of the above. Just listen and see for yourself.

Gladys Knight & The Pips – Make Yours a Happy Home (1974)

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hi SonDan! I love this song. It brings back memories of the Movie Claudine…starring Dianne Carroll and a young James Earl Jones. Every song on that album was a hit! That’s amazing. Though I dance to the tune of a different drummer now; I still highly regard the music that brings back so many memories. Blessings E

  2. You are right about that Lainey – the entire album is one of beautiful music sung by the Empress of Soul, Ms. Knight, and her attending Pips ;).

    I remember just before “Claudine” first came out – the big “talk” was that Diane Carroll was to appear in the movie without any makeup — unlike her normal, glamorous persona. Folks were wondering if she could pull off playing a “normal” Black woman. Well Miss Carroll silenced all of her critics and did a spectacular job in the role. Such a great movie!

    And the soundtrack music is for everyone – no matter what drummer you are marching too. It’s about family, home and love. These 3 things are important to us all.

    It’s always wonderful to chat with you.

    One Love.

  3. Thank you! For this wonderful page and clip. This album truly takes me back to a time of tremendous pride. I recall seeing the movie Claudine and thought how wonderful at the time to see an all Black cast especially with a strong Black woman and Black man as leads.

  4. And I thank YOU for stopping by Kevon. You are so very right about that time being one of great pride. In some ways being “separate and equal” was the best time of my life (if you know what I mean -BIG HAPPY GRIN).
    The older I get – the more often think of those times with only fond memories.

    Take care and do stop by again soon and often.

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